Parasite Hilton Still Exists And Is Trying To Be A DJ Now

June 25, 2012 / Posted by:

In case you needed to know that Wonky McValtrex is as good at DJing as she is at sucking dick, here’s that piece of trash pretending to push a bunch of buttons and turn knobs during her debut DJ set at the Sao Paolo Music Festival. Fucking a DJ (or two, or three, or forty) does not make this skank a DJ. Wonks probably thinks DJ Afrojack passed his mixing skills to her through his jizz stream. If that was possible, Wonks wouldn’t only be the world’s greatest DJ. She’d also be the world’s greatest drug dealer, reality show contestant, basic cable actor, singer, porn star, bass player, club doorman, bathroom attendant, Walgreens stock boy, homeless man living under a bridge and (insert the occupation of every man in the L.A. area).

Is there such a thing as dj-synching, because there’s no way Wonks made music come out of those speakers by herself. Bitch can’t even operate an Etch-A-Sketch. Wonks put on that craft project Lady GaGa outfit and pretended to DJ while one of her crotch crabs was really the one pressing play on the iPod under that table.


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