Megan Fox Is Not Here To Talk About BABIES!!!!!!

May 5, 2012 / Posted by:

Before Steve Jones of Entertainment Tonight interviewed prolific philosopher and the new face of Sharper Image (???) Megan Fox, he was told to only talk to her about the exciting world of useless electronics you get the dad you’re not really close to for Father’s Day and to keep personal questions out of his mouth. But since Steve Jones is a real hardcore rebel and like the James Dean of entertainment journalism, he asked Megan about the rumor that she’s got the spawn of David Silver leasing her womb. Steve’s transition from talking about Bluetooth headsets to talking about babies is about as smooth as a wet fart on sandpaper. Megan tells him to bring it, but her publicist is not fucking around and cuts it short.

Maybe Megan’s ass isn’t ready to announce that shit or she’s waiting to get a 5-figure check from Life & Style for the EXCLUSIVO announcement or whatever. But Steve’s dumb ass shouldn’t be asking her about that when there are more important questions to ask like what does Megan Fox have to do with Sharper Image. I mean, just like some of Sharper Image’s products, Megan requires 4 AAA batteries, is mostly made of man-made material and gets clean with Windex wipes, but that’s the only thing they have in common.

via ONTD



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