Salma Hayek’s Miracle Chichis At Work

February 10, 2009 / Posted by:

Last week, I babbled about Salma Hayek saving the world with her magnificent chichis by feeding a sick child in Sierra Leone. Well, here’s the video! Skip to the 5:25 mark to see Salma’s magic at work. They didn’t show this part, but minutes after the baby’s lips touched her chichi, his hair grew to the ground, he gained 20-pounds and he grew a couple of feet. He could also recite Finnegans Wake by heart and got his PHD in Calculus in a quick minute.

Salma also said that her great abuelita breastfed a stranger’s hungry child back in the day. So feeding the world with her miracle chichis runs in Salma’s blood!

Angie Jo who? All hail Saint Salma!

(Thanks Billy)


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