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Dr. Oz Is Ending “The Dr. Oz Show” In 2022 So He May Pursue His Political Dreams

December 13, 2021 / Posted by:

This is bound to be terrible news for people who loved watching Dr. Oz dispel questionable medical advice-slash-concern troll, like when he dedicated a whole segment of his show to warn viewers of the dangers of Ashton Kutcher’s all-fruit diet (that’s what he’s actually doing in the picture above, while getting upstaged hard by a CGI bile duct). Last month Dr. Mehmet Oz announced that he was officially running for the US Senate in the state of Pennsylvania, and a big question (aside from the biggest question: “WHY???“), was how he was going to do The Dr. Oz Show and pursue a late-stage career in politics. As it turns out, he’s not! He’s pulling the plug on The Dr. Oz Show, and letting it die next month. Wait, does his medical license approve him for clearance on end-of-life decisions? I’m pretty sure he’s only medically allowed to recommend scam email boner pills.

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Felicity Huffman Has Reported To Prison To Serve Her 14-Day Sentence

October 15, 2019 / Posted by:

Today is the day Felicity Huffman begins her – to partially-quote her former co-star Ricardo Chavira – white privilege prison sentence for her involvement in the college admission scandal. I hope William H. Macy sent her in with a signed and framed picture of himself to remind her of what she’s missing out on back home, or to trade it in the yard for a 2-pack of kitchen sponges she can fashion into a set of makeshift hair rollers. Ha! Who am I kidding? Felicity totally isn’t going to that kind of prison.

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