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Today In Duh: Noah Galvin’s Messy Interview Pissed Off ABC

June 15, 2016 / Posted by:

“Ooooooh, bitch got sent to the principal’s office at ABC” is what many of us thought after reading the completely natural apology that Noah Galvin gave for giving his raw thoughts about Bryan Singer’s ALLEGED boy-diddling ways, Colton Haynes’ “pussy bullshit” coming out and Eric Stonestreet’s performance of a stereotypical gay man on Modern Family. 22-year-old Noah, who is openly gay, is the star of The Real O’Neals, which was renewed for a second season but doesn’t get nearly the ratings that ABC’s golden child Modern Family does. So Noah Galvin talking trash about Modern Family is like you spitting in the face of your boss’ favorite child while kicking them in the dick. And so of course, Noah got in trouble.

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The Star Of “The Real O’Neals” Tells Us How He REALLY Feels About Colton Haynes And Beyond

June 9, 2016 / Posted by:

I’ve always thought that if you’re going to burn bridges, cover that shit in gallons of gasoline, light that bitch up with a grenade, and after they’re all burned down, piss on the ashes while laughing. It seems like Noah Galvin, the star of the ABC show The Real O’Neals, agrees with me, because during an interview with Vulture, dude sharpened his shank, went in, cleaned it off with a towel, sharpened it a second time and went in again. Noah lined up Colton Haynes, Bryan Singer, some unnamed guest actor on his show, Eric Stonestreet and more and read them until his finger tips got sore from turning the pages. This interview is very “gay Katherine Heigl on steroids.” He let us KNOW!

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