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Cynthia Nixon And Nicole Ari Parker Responded To Meghan McCain Saying “Wokeness” Ruined “And Just Like That…”

February 22, 2022 / Posted by:

Well, we’ve done it now. Because we cracked a few jokes about the ham-fisted way the writers of And Just Like That… tried to address the lack of diversity in Sex and The City, Meghan McCain wanted to get in on the fun. Only Meghan wouldn’t know fun if it was crimped, curled, teased, twisted, and sitting on top of her head wrapped in a bow. Since she no longer has The View on which to obnoxiously opine, Meghan #TookToTheDailyMail to drag AJLT complaining that “wokeness kills everything.” According to People, Andy Cohen asked the cast of AJLT for their reactions to Meghan’s DM op-ed on his Sirius XM show, and my oh my do those ladies look tired.

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Nicole Ari Parker Has Reportedly Replaced Kim Cattrall In The “Sex And The City” Revival

August 23, 2021 / Posted by:

You know, in a metropolis like New York you would expect the cast of Sex and the City to have had at least ONE Black friend (and Jennifer Hudson as Carrie Bradshaw’s suffering assistant doesn’t count. And I say “suffering” because of the ugly purse that Carrie gave her). But no. And now, twenty-three years after its premiere, the producers must have said to themselves “Wait, there are black people in New York too?” because they have decided to throw beautiful sistah Nicole Ari Parker into the mix for the revival. And now it’s being reported that Nicole’s character completes the foursome after Kim Cattrall decided that she no longer wants to deal with Sarah Jessica Parker.

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