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But Who Got Custody Of Nanny Lorraine?

December 16, 2017 / Posted by:

According to TMZ, Mel B’s Christmas gift this year is her signature on several dotted lines and a celebratory “YOU’RE FREE, BITCH!” cocktail. Her divorce from the somewhat terrifying-sounding Stephen Belafonte has finally been finalized. Goodbye sex tapes and (allegedly) blackmailin’ nannies! Hello, hopefully better choices in men! Honestly, someone should have sat her down and chatted with her about poor choices way back when she got with Eddie MurphyContinue reading

Scary Spice Has Accused Stephen Belafonte Of Keeping Her Drugged Through Their Marriage

October 26, 2017 / Posted by:

Mel B and her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte have been fighting for what seems like years. Last month they started getting ready for court, and more accusations came out. There’s been further nanny drama and alleged witness tampering. Mel B and Stephen squared off in court yesterday in preparation for their trial on November 6th, and Stephen has been accused of even more heinous shit.

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There Are New Details About Mel B’s Never-Ending Nanny Drama

September 7, 2017 / Posted by:

Mel B probably feels like she’s been living in one of those nightmares where you find yourself walking around your high school without pants on. Errybody knows her business now, and her embarrassing marital exploits will, at this point, probably outlive her Spice Girls legacy. And of course there’s more to add.

TMZ says that new legal documents have been recently filed by Mel B, which include portions of a deposition given by Lorraine “Nanny McThreesome” Gilles. Not only do they confirm some of the sordid details we already knew about, but also reveal new accusations of a sham marriage that Lorraine and Stephen Belafonte allegedly concocted in order to fleece Mel.

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Mel B Doesn’t Deny She Had Threesome With The Nanny

April 24, 2017 / Posted by:

On Friday, Lorraine Gilles, the nanny at the center of Mel B’s split from Stephen Belafonte sued Mel B for defamation. Lorraine accused Mel B of spreading lies about her, like the one about how she and Stephen were fucking, and that they were allegedly trying to blackmail Mel with sex tapes. Lorraine claimed that she did clock some overtime by engaging in threesomes with Mel B and Stephen. She also alleged that sex tapes were made, but that they were orchestrated by Mel B herself. Sources tell TMZ that Mel B isn’t fighting back against Lorraine’s claim that they all slept with each other.

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Here’s The Details Of Mel B’s Evil Ex-Nanny’s Lawsuit Against Her

April 22, 2017 / Posted by:

You know when a situation becomes such a messy shit-show that you just want to grab the broom and the dust pail and just sweep it all away and start anew? That’s the feeling that Mel B’s divorce cluster-fuck is inspiring in all of us.

Mel is a judge on America’s Got Talent, but her own personal life show should be called Mel B’s Got Problems. And those problems are an allegedly evil abusive ex and an allegedly evil mastermind of an ex-nanny. The most recent dirty development has been Lorraine Gilles (aka Evil Mary Poppins) filing a defamation lawsuit against Mel. One the things that TMZ reports is that she’s claiming that Scary Spice used to get her drunk and seduce her into group sex with her and dirtbag ex-husband caricature, Stephen Belafonte.

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