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Aerosmith Are Preventing Their Drummer Joey Kramer From Performing At The Grammys, And He’s Pissed

January 23, 2020 / Posted by:

As one old man feud ends, another takes its place. Aerosmith is currently in a messy fight over who gets to perform at several Grammy events this weekend. Joey Kramer, who has been the drummer for Aerosmith since the beginning, naturally assumed he’d be present. But Aerosmith doesn’t think Joey is ready to return after Joey’s temporary disability, and they decided to replace him. Joey says he’s all better now, and he’s really not happy that everyone will be jamming out to Aeorsmith (minus their original drummer) this weekend.

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Joe Perry Is Down And Out After Collapsing During A Hollywood Vampires Show

July 11, 2016 / Posted by:

Bitch, the fuck did you do to your hair?” – Joe Perry, who even while dealing with the sicks, can’t help but wonder why Johnny Depp’s hair now looks like a taxidermy platypus.

Last month, Meat Loaf ended up in a hospital bed after he collapsed while yodeling during a show in Edmonton. And last night, Joe Perry of Aerosmith collapsed after leaving the stage during a Hollywood Vampires show in Coney Island. What is happening to our rock legends? They’re all collapsing! QUICK! Everyone form a prayer circle and line mattresses around Vixen. Hey, they’re rock legends to me, okay?

Page Six says that during the show at the Ford Amphitheater, 65-year-old Joe wasn’t feeling well at all and at one point, he went to the back of the stage where he sat on the drum kit. Joe tried to keep playing, but realized that something wasn’t right and he went backstage where he reportedly passed out.

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