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Austin Butler Says That He’s Getting Rid Of His Elvis Accent

February 4, 2023 / Posted by:

Oscar nominee and Vanessa Hudgen’s best friend, Austin Butler, is getting rave reviews and ovations for his performance in Elvis. He’s already won a Golden Globe, so now he’s got to campaign campaign CAMPAIGN to win the fight against Brendan Fraser, Colin Farrell, Bill Nighy, and Paul Mescal. We already heard from Austin’s singing coach that he probably shook up his vocal cords with his Elvis voice so much that it might stick with him FOREVER. And now Austin’s talking, and well, Elvis (or his accent, anyway) will be leaving the building (Austin’s vocal cords) soon.

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Zendaya Stans Are Pissed That She’s Only In “Dune” For 7 Minutes

October 27, 2021 / Posted by:

Dune is 2 hours and 35 minutes long, but if you’re only watching for Zendaya, then you’re in for 2 hours and 28 minutes of disappointment because she’s hardly in that shit. And now her fans are mad! But don’t worry, this isn’t like how Margot Robbie was used in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘s promo endlessly and then barely had any lines in the movie because Dune is getting a part two. So the director, Denis Villeneuve, has promised that next time you’ll see more of Zendaya.

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“Dune: Part 2” Is Officially A Go

October 26, 2021 / Posted by:

To borrow a turn of phrase from the ever-wise and witty Allison, what you dune in October 2023? If you spent October of 2021 making Dune puns, you’re probably going to be dune the same damn thing. Variety reports the totally unsurprising news that Dune: Part One will be followed up with Dune: Part Two, tentatively titled Dune: Pumpkin Spice World 2.

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