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Holly Madison Explains Why She Was Never On Birth Control While With Hugh Hefner

February 3, 2023 / Posted by:

Surprisingly, the answer isn’t: Because Holly wanted to pop up the next Playboy empire heir. Former Playboy Playmate and one of Hugh Hefner‘s devoted ex-girlfriends, Holly Madison, is talking about the now-deceased man’s favorite place to bust a nut. Himself. Holly says she was never afraid of pregnancy and never went on birth control because the way Hugh enjoyed ending his romps involved no man batter entering hers or anybody else’s oven. I hate this knowledge, but at least she’s smart enough to know it’s more about where it went and not that he was older because, as we know, even some 80-year-old dude’s dick can make a baby if it’s in the right place.

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Holly Madison Is Still Talking About How Bad Sex With Hugh Hefner Was

August 24, 2022 / Posted by:

When most of us think of undesirable but required day-to-day burdens, it’s usually things like having to come up with a way to respond to the co-worker who walks in late with an iced coffee every morning and asks, “hey there! Working hard, or hardly working?” without choke-slamming them or having to get back out of bed after retiring for the evening because you just remembered that you didn’t move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. But, from 2001-2008 for former Girls Next Door star/Hugh Hefner girlfriend, Holly Madison, it was having to lower herself onto his stagnant old wrinkled microwaved hot dog while other girls who hated her looked on and commented. Holly and fellow Girl Next Door, Bridget Marquardt, launched a podcast and have been discussing the encumbrance of having sex with the elderly Playboy founder.

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Holly Madison And Bridget Marquardt Are Hosting A Halloween Séance To Connect With The Ghost Of Hugh Hefner

October 24, 2019 / Posted by:

Hugh Hefner’s ex-qouple members Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt are planning a séance so they can connect to the true love of their life, the dead Hugh Hefner, and let him know how he was the love of their lives and they painfully miss his hot body and the intense emotional connection they had with him, which are the only reasons why they were with him. Of they’re just using his death for some money and publicity. Either or!

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