Beauty and Good Taste Abound At the Bad Grandpa Premiere

October 24, 2013 / Posted by:

Yeah, I’ll look straight into your eyes and lie to your faces this early in the morning. I’m on my third cup of coffee, have the house to myself and have slightly less than half a fuck to give. “Good taste” and anything related to the Jackass franchise go together about as good as a shot of Jägermeister thrown into a Purple Nurple (DON’T DO IT! That shit is potent and will get you and your boss kicked out of Bennigan’s- trust) and last night’s offerings by Bad Grandpa‘s director Jeff Tremaine and star Georgina Cates offer more proof than that Jäger shot.

Jeff‘s suit is made of the same material that haunts the dreams of every bridesmaid and looks like something Harvey “Two Face” Dent would cut in half and wear when pledging a fraternity. It’s so distracting I almost missed Johnny Knoxville’s deliberate fashion choice of only wearing one glove in case he had to duck behind a curtain somewhere and jack off a stallion. I still would, though. Twice.

Those two pale in comparison to the real star of this shitshow- Georgina Cates. I’m getting some serious Hooker Smurf vibes from the beanie, straight down the flare legged denim jumpsuit to the platform heels. She copped a squat on the red carpet, probably to save her strength in case Gargamel comes by later and offers $20 for a blowie. All I know is that nothing screams class and elegance like a chest tattoo on a woman, especially if it’s written en français in a font I can only imagine is called “Ah, fuck it, second one down I guess” on the list hanging on the wall of her tattoo parlor.

Also pictured are Spike Jonze, Tony Hawk, and Jackson Nicoll (obviously making his parents proud by making faces and trying to junk-punch Johnny in his Knoxvilles).



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