Justin Bieber Has Never Looked Better

April 19, 2013 / Posted by:

After Justin Bieber reunited with the Portia to his Ellen, Selena Gomez in Norway, he Instagrammed this picture of him wearing the official Hood Rat Stuff uniform. Harmony Korine is punching himself in the taint right about now, because looking at this picture made him realize that he should’ve cast Justin Bieber as one of the masked bikini babe beauties in Spring Breakers. That coy side-eye, those parted lips… Hold all of Usher’s calls, because he is taking the rest of the day off.

P.S. – Justin spelled “Chanel” wrong in his Instagram caption. Bitch spelled it “Channel.” I bet if you complimented him on his top, he’d say, “Thanks! I bought it at Ver-sayce!”

via WOW Report


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