This Is News: Katie Holmes Took Her Wedding Ring Off

July 2, 2012 / Posted by:

Somebody Photoshop a blunt in Katie Holmes’ hand, because she looks like she just baked her last Thetan off. Or maybe she’s just relieved that she can let out a fart without a Scientology handler running off to tell her master what it smelled like. Freedom really is farting whenever you want to.

Anyway, Katie Holmes was out in NYC today after guest judging an episode of Project Runway: All-Stars 2, and her marriage finger was free of the shackle that was her wedding ring. You know that shit wasn’t a wedding ring. It was a straight-up GPS tracking system. So I hope she pawned that shit and used the money to buy some new shoes. Seriously, she needs a new pair of shoes, because those ones she had on today were as ugly as three kinds of hell. They look like Chester the Cheetah’s used cum rags. And that dress. I’m sure she made it out of her old Scientology prison jumpsuit. Bitch, you’ve freed yourself of Tommy Girl, now free yourself of bad taste.


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