Panty Creamer Of The Damn Millennium

December 29, 2008 / Posted by:

I think I need to go and put my no-no in a tub of ice, because it’s about to burn off from looking at these pictures of a shirtless Prince Hot Ginge dripping with pure sex while in Mauritius with that prude Chelsy Davy. Why is Chelsy not on that shit like Wino on a crack pipe? If you were at the beach with a shirtless Prince Hot Ginge, your knees would be in the sand and you’d be polishing the royal scepter. Fuck. Prince Hot Ginge would have to get a taser gun to keep me off his lightning rod. Even then, I’d still suck while getting electrocuted. Suck through the pain.

And can you believe Chelsy’s just giving him a puny hug like they are first cousins or some shit? For shame! What a damn waste of a hot ginge.


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