Now She Can Go Back To Looking Like Herself Again

November 5, 2008 / Posted by:

Marilyn Manson is going to have to find a new young thing to suck the hotness out of, because Star Magazine reports that Evan Rachel Wood has dumped his pasty dumpling ass.

The 21-year-old welfare version of Dita Von Teese started dating Marilyn in December 2006 while his marriage was in the caca house.

So why did this beautiful and totally non-dysfunctional couple call it quits? Evan’s brother Ira was living in her guest house and Marilyn pulled a Spencer Pratt and wanted him to beat it. A source said, “Evan owned the house and didn’t want her unemployed sibling living on the street. It was the tipping point. Evan was fed up with how controlling and emotionally abusive Marilyn was.

Now Evan can stop trying to be Dita 2.0 in order to make Paul Pfeiffer from the “Wonder Years” happy. Yes, I know he’s not Paul Pfeiffer, but I love that rumor and can’t let it go.

Knowing Evan, she probably ran right into the leathery arms of Mickey Rourke. She has a thing for scary monsters.

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