WTF Files: Naomi Is Dating President Chavez?!

January 15, 2008 / Posted by:

Several South American newspapers are reporting that Naomi Campbell is dating President Hugo Chavez. Naomi interviewed him for GQ Magazine and now the two are in love and shit. Hugo reportedly fell “head over heels” in love with Naomi after they met reports once source. I think they got it wrong. She hit him over the head with her heel and then he fell. Yeah, that sounds more like it.

Sources claim they have been dating for two months.

Oh hell no! This is just the first step in Naomi’s plan to take over the world. She thinks she’s Evita! WEAVEvita! This is kind of hot actually. Naomi as the first lady of Venezuela has a nice ring to it.

Naomi’s people have denied the claims, “The interview was a serious portrait for a respected and heavyweight magazine not a lightweight celebrity encounter. The conversation was substantial and the issues discussed were primarily about Mr. Chavez’s vision for Venezuela. To suggest that it was anything other than a professional situation is disingenuous and belittles all parties concerned.” Yeah right. She’s totally doing him.


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