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Eric Andre Calls Chet Hanks “Emotionally Disturbed” And “Dangerous”

March 15, 2023 / Posted by:

Anti-vaxxer and current stand-in for Kanye West, Chet Hanks, was labeled “emotionally disturbed” by comedian Eric Andre in his recent interview with Rolling Stone. If the guy who pretends to shit on the floor in front of his talk show guest thinks you’re fucked up, you must be a real sicko. While being interviewed by Rolling Stone about his upcoming sixth season of The Eric Andre Show and simultaneously doing back-to-back whippets because he “has a headache,”  Emily Ratajkowski’s one-time piece didn’t hold back when it came to his experience interviewing Chet Hanks. And no one even asked about it…  Eric just got right into it. Apparently, Chet was such a hazard that Eric compared having him on set to the movie set of Rust. Don’t worry, Chet; daddy can text Alec Baldwin for his lawyer’s number.

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