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The “Shrek” Writer Who Compared “Anti-Vax” With The N-Word Has Apologized

November 26, 2018 / Posted by:

Terry Rossio, that dude who wrote Shrek, could have just sat there and ate his rice, but he didn’t. Instead, he mounted his metaphoric steed and #tooktotwitter to metaphorically go to battle for literal anti-vaxxers claiming that the term “anti-vax” is as harmful and offensive as the n-word. Unsurprisingly, this comparison was met with derision and disgust, especially since he oh-so-boldly just went ahead and wrote out “nigger” in its entirety. You would think a person who writes for a living would have a better understanding about how words and language work, but nah. But don’t worry, Terry says he now understands that that word has “no place in any conversation, ever”. So while he still thinks the eradication of polio is a bad idea, he has learned “something”.

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The Screenwriter Of “Shrek” Compared The Word “Anti-Vax” To The N-Word

November 24, 2018 / Posted by:

Celebrities who enjoy things like children with measles and hating science such as Jenny McCarthy, Jenna Elfman, and Kirstie Alley must be polishing up their resumes and getting new headshots done. A celebrated Hollywood screenwriter has come out against vaccinations. This dude has DISNEY and DREAMWORKS connections. Maybe he can get Dharma a bit part in Star Wars X or some voice work on Elena of Avalor! It should also be noted that Shrek and Aladdin screenwriter Terry Rossio compared the slang term “anti-vax” (as in “anti-vaccination”) to the n-word in a Twitter fight. Don’t leave the Celebrity Centre just yet, Dharma. Those connections might have just been severed.

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