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A Cosmetic Aesthetician Apologized For Showing What She’d Change About Natalia Dyer’s Face

July 26, 2022 / Posted by:

Stranger Things is a wildly popular show with a cast that has devoted fans, and with notoriety always comes people who want to act the damn fool and bring the room down (see: Doja Cat’s Noah Schnapp fuckery saga). Apparently the Stranger Things kids’ faces aren’t even safe, and on the latest edition of “How Dare You?” a certified aesthetic nurse practitioner injector named Miranda Wilson decided to make an unsolicited TikTok outlining everything she would do to tweak Natalia Dyer’s face, using Photoshop to show what Natalia would look like after she was done fixing it. People obviously went awf about it in the comments, because Natalia, who plays Nancy Wheeler on the show, has said nothing about how she feels about her face or that she desires to change it. Miranda felt the heat and deleted the original TikTok and then posted a follow-up to “clear the air” and show what she’s done to her own face.

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