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Gavin Rossdale’s Ex-Nanny/Side Piece Is Knocked Up

March 7, 2016 / Posted by:

That pounding sound you hear is a Maury producer frantically calling Mindy Mann to get her on a very special Paternity Test Results: Celebrity-ish Edition episode.

UsWeekly says that Mindy Mann, the nanny who fucked on Gavin Rossdale while he was still married to Gwen Stefani, has a baby growing in her body. Mindy’s sister threw up a picture on Instagram of her holding her fetus dome area while covering her face with an “It’s A Boy!” giraffe balloon. Someone left a comment on that Instagram post where they congratulated Mindy’s current dude, snowboard instructor Spencer Gutcheon (Gutcheon sounds like a really painful sex act), and said that he’s going to make a good dad. But bless The Daily Mail for trying to take this into ESCANDALOSO territory.

They posted a video of Mindy Mann leaving a Dollar Tree and keeping her lips shut as a pap congratulated her ass. The Mail also claims that she continued to keep her lips shut when the pap asked her who the father of her unborn baby is. Of course, Gwen Stefani pinked-slipped Mindy after that tattle-tale bitch iCloud called out her affair with Gavin. But even after Mindy got put on the curb, she and Gavin kept in touch. The Daily Mail posted pictures of Mindy and someone else having lunch with Gavin last week. Also, last December, Gavin’s Range Rover was seen in the parking lot of the nursery where Mindy works.

That Gutcheon dude is probably the baby father, but well….Gavin’s dick batter has been known to make at least one secret love child that we know of. But I guess we’ll know that Gavin IS the father when he tries to get more money out of Gwen to pay child support and when Mindy Mann takes her Single White Female act to the next level by naming her first son Montego Bay.

Here’s the greasy nanny fucker wearing an amazing disguise while leaving a Trader Joe’s with the new nanny and his sons.

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Gwen Stefani’s Nanny Was Single White Female-ing Her

November 11, 2015 / Posted by:

I should’ve known that this whole “Gavin Rossdale doing the nanny” thing would eventually make a sharp right turn into 90s thriller territory.

Mindy Mann (seen above singing “every step you take, every move you make,” to herself while walking behind her boss) didn’t only allegedly bone Gwen Stefani’s husband on the regular for three years. Mindy Mann was also supposedly obsessed with Gwen and would do everything she did. A source tells UsWeekly that Gwen hired Mindy, who is from Australia, as a nanny in 2008 after some friends (probably Ben Affleck) recommended her. Mindy apparently began to Stefani-ize herself. If Gwen did a certain diet, Mindy did it too. If Gwen bought a certain bag, Mindy bought it too. If Gwen sucked her husband’s dick, Mindy sucked it too.  Mindy also hired a group of Asian women to silently follow her around. No, she didn’t do that. As far as I know, anyway.

The source says Gwen thought Mindy pulling a Single White Female was weird, but she didn’t really get suspicious until 2012. Paparazzi pictures came out of Gavin touching Mindy’s ass during a hike. At the time, everyone was told we were gross disgusting pervs, because that butt belonged to Gavin’s sister and he was helping her up. But it turns out it was Mindy, not his sister. (Where’s our apology, Gavin?!!!!!) Mindy also posted pictures Facebook of her done up like Gwen Stefani. The investigative team at the Peabody-worthy literary journal of integrity The Daily Mail put together several side-by-sides of Mindy and Gwen.

Gwen eventually found naked pictures that Mindy sent to Gavin. Gwen fired her and quit him.

If you threw 2 cups of Single White Female, 2 cups of Hand That Rocks The Cradle, a tablespoon of peroxide and a teaspoon of Vegemite into a blender, you’d get this story. If any of this is true, Gavin is the weirdest one for doing a cosplay version of his wife when he could’ve just humped the real thing. And I don’t know who Gwen Stefani’s best friend is, but they’re the Julianne Moore in this real-life Hand That Rocks The Cradle and should stay away from greenhouses for the rest of their life. Just look at the plants from afar, bitch.

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