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Courtney Love Says She Left Acting Because She Was Constantly Being Harassed

February 19, 2021 / Posted by:

Usually, when you hear that a popular musician is about to make the leap into acting, there’s a pretty good chance your first response is: “Uh, you sure about that?” Because not every singer can live that Cher-in-Moonstruck experience. But Courtney Love did it, and guess what? She was actually very successful at it! Courtney appeared in a few smaller films in the 80s, but starting in 1996, she showed up in several critically-acclaimed films, which kicked off her career as a real movie star. She was even nominated for a Golden Globe, and many considered it a snub when she wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award after that. It really did look like Courtney Love had officially established herself as a singer-slash-actress, but then a couple of years later, she started showing up in fewer and fewer films. Now we’re learning that her retirement wasn’t pushed on her by Hollywood, because she reached the totally unemployable old age of 35, but because she was sick and tired of constantly getting #MeToo‘ed.

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