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Marlo Thomas Apologized For Her Comments About Sherri Shepherd’s Weight Loss

November 3, 2022 / Posted by:

Yesterday Marlo Thomas made headlines after she went on Sherri Shepherd’s talk show and put her foot in her mouth. 84-year-old Marlo brought up Sherri’s 35-pound weight loss, and said, “you used to be a big woman!” Then she attempted to mime Sherri’s old size by sticking out her arms and puffing out her face. Sherri laughed it off, but Page Six reported that her staff was pissed. So were Sherri’s fans, who accused Marlo of flat-shaming the fat-earther (oops, strike that, reverse it). Today, Marlo went on Good Day New York¬†and apologized for her comments. She explains that she thought she was giving Sherri a compliment, but she’s learned her lesson and she’ll “never do it again.” Then, in her mind, Marlo added, “…on camera.”

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The Staff At Sherri Shepherd’s Talk Show Were Reportedly Mad At Marlo Thomas’ “Fat Shaming” Comments

November 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Sherri Shepherd is currently enjoying her reign as the new Queen of Daytime Talk. Ok, she isn’t necessarily the “Queen.” Or even close. But whatever, after Debmar Mercury yanked former Queen of talk Wendy Williams from the show and tossed Sherri into the hot seat with a new coat of paint on the walls, she’s doing whatever she can to keep the lights on. And recently, she interviewed the legendary Marlo Thomas, who admitted she and Sherri go way back. Marlo remembers a time before Sherri’s weight loss journey began, but instead of simply reminding her, Marlo did an impersonation that was more suited as a tribute to Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor. And Sherri’s staff apparently didn’t take too kindly to Marlo’s gentle reminder.

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