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Maria Bakalova Talked About Filming The Rudy Giuliani Scene In “Borat 2”

November 12, 2020 / Posted by:

24-year-old Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova is the breakout star of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (well, after Jeanise Jones). She sat down with The New York Times to discuss her partly scripted, partly improvised role as Borat’s daughter, Tutar. In the movie, Tutar goes from filthy peasant girl to sexy, blonde Fox News blow-up doll, all in the hopes of becoming the next Melania Trump (shudder). Tutar/Maria had to flirt with Rudy Guiliani, the ghoulish face of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle blessing, and had to witness the former NYC mayor put his hands down his pants when they were alone.

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Jeanise Jones, The Babysitter In “Borat 2,” Felt “Kind Of Betrayed” When She Found Out Borat Wasn’t Real

October 29, 2020 / Posted by:

One of the only people to appear in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm that didn’t make me want to start stockpiling combustibles so I can shoot myself into space was Jeanise Jones, the babysitter Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat hires to watch over his daughter, Tutar. According to IndieWire, Jeanise – who has become the breakout star that is being heralded as the film’s “moral compass,” had no idea that the supposedly 15-year-old girl she thought was being married off to an American, was actually 24-year-old Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova. In fact, Jeanise was so worried about “Tutar,” that she had her entire congregation at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, praying for her for months. Understandably, Jeanise was a little miffed to find out the truth when her cousin showed her a trailer for the movie just last week and was like, “this you?

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