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Bam Margera Has Gone To Rehab With Help From Dr. Phil

August 6, 2019 / Posted by:

Bam Margera is having a week. First, he got kicked off a flight for being a drunken mess¬†and then videotaped himself yelling at an airline employee (because the employee had the audacity to say he had more than one drink). Bam then went on to air ALL of his dirty laundry on several long-winded Instagram posts, calling out his mom and wife. Finally, Bam showed a true break from reality when he asked Dr. Phil to come in and fix it all. Well it turns out Dr. Phil heard the call for him to get some attention. Dr. Phil met with Bam and his family and he is now on his way to rehab. You know Dr. Drew is fuming he didn’t get that call.

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