Ian Somerhalder Went Off On Instagram After Getting Healthy-Shamed

December 19, 2018 / Posted by:

Many of us know that the word “extra” visits Ian Somerhalder whenever it needs more inspiration on how to be more extra, and his latest rant on Instagram proves that.

Ian Somehalder became my mom and let out a long rant on Instagram about eating healthy after he says several people at the grocery store lost their processed food-fed minds over his basket full of vegetables and let him know about it. This happened very recently, but if it happened on May 28, those nosy bitches would’ve all been arrested for bothering Ian Somerhalder on International Ian Somerhalder Day, which is HIS day.

Ian started his rant by saying that he hopes he doesn’t come off as an ass, and that’s usually a sign that the person is about to come off as an ass. Ian said that a lady stopped him at the store to tell him that she had never seen a basket like his (aka a basket filled with healthiness) and other shoppers chimed in about how they couldn’t believe their eyes. They probably thought that Ian was really a giant bunny in a human costume! Getting healthy-shamed (“We should really start a support group” – Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Silverstone) at the grocery store in an incident that TOTALLY happened caused Ian to burp out his organic broccoli-infused thoughts about how drug companies and insurance companies are getting richer, and the way to change it is by shoving more fresh things into our mouths. Does dick count?

It’s food.It got me thinking and really fired up…I hear in the news constantly, in legislative bodies debating and the public complaining out right bitching about healthcare costs, drug companies and doctors and what rising costs do to our society, our lives and our economy. I know our system isn’t great.Yet, the public poisons itself daily with bad food choices. Food is medicine and medicine is food. It’s a fact. If we want to see our healthcare system changed, be a healthier society- and it will. How does that sound? Logical right?

Ian went on and said that he doesn’t mean to sound preachy, and that’s usually a sign that the person is coming off preachy.

I don’t mean to sound like a dick- or preachy but this is nuts: how is it, that grown professional people in a major American city have never seen a grocery basket full of normal&healthy foods that just all happen to be green or not processed.We’re so far down the rabbit hole of packaged and “convenient” foods that our society is paying the price&so is our future.No one in our government is helping us be healthier through education.Why would they?Sick people are GREAT for business…

Before you sarcastically say that Ian is right since everyone has time and money to prepare fresh organic healthiness in between working three jobs to keep the lights on, Ian wants you to know that’s no excuse, you lazy pill popper!

My mom raised me on no money&mostly as a single parent yet, she still ate well&exercised and it shaped my life.We make excuses why we can’t find the time to take care of ourselves and we end up past the point of no return… Why is that?How is it that we can’t see that:Happy and healthy people make a happy and healthy world.It’s hard to see that through a fog of prescription drugs, energy drinks&strong sleep aids. It’s hard I know, but its time to change. You wouldn’t put the wrong gas in your car, so why would you put wrong food in your body? We MUST take responsibility for what we put into our bodies starting now. We can do it.Ok.I’ll stop.Thnks

That entire rant made me want to inhale an entire bag of Chili Cheese Fritos, and the first ingredient of Chili Cheese Fritos is corn, which is a vegetable, so I’m totally following Ian’s advice.

Ian doesn’t say where this happened (if it happened at all), but there’s no way it happened in Los Angeles. Because in Los Angeles, you’ll get shamed if your cart isn’t full of vegetables and quinoa. If you put a thing of Oreos in your basket while shopping in an L.A. grocery store, the Lululemon-slathered green juice warriors will CITIZEN’S ARREST your ass and escort you out of city limits. The Oreos in L.A. grocery are only there to trap processed food degenerates so the citizens can get rid of them before they infect others with their gross eating habits! So, sure, Ian, if it happened in L.A, I totally believe you.

Pic: Wenn.com

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