Here Comes The Attention Whores

May 2, 2012 / Posted by:

Looking like an invisible carrot is hanging above her mouth, LeAnn Rimes poses in a completely natural photo taken at her vow renewal ceremony (pronounced: bowel removal ceremony) with Eddie Cibrian last week. Because LeAnn and Eddie have nothing but fuckit money and time on their hands (check in with me in six months when I tell you that Eddie has nothing but the genitals of another in his hands), they galloped down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and paid someone to put together a vow reminder ceremony on their first wedding anniversary. If LeAnn doesn’t tweet it, it didn’t happen, so she posted that hilarious portrait along with this note for her followers:

Thought I’d share a few smiles and a special moment. Thank you @joebuissink for our beautiful vow renewal pics.”

This is LeAnn and Eddie we’re talking about, so they definitely made the photographer take pictures of their asses until the bones in his clicking finger broke, and yet this is the picture they chose to share with everybody? LeAnn obviously wants to be the STAH of every picture, but does she also want to be the one looking like the place where flies go to die? This mess looks like the poster for My Bride Flicka.

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