Presenting…..The Purple Fox!!

May 10, 2011 / Posted by:

On Mah Boo 369me last night, Isha Sesay started talking about the non-feud between superstar brat Justin Bieber and Marg Helgenberger when the producers snuck in a picture of a 9-year-old Anderson Cooper dressed like Ruta Lee on To Tell The Truth?. Andy said that he was supposed to be the youngest bear trainer and he got a vote from both Nipsey Russell and Kitty Carlisle Hart. (Note: The new bar has been set for the gayest sentence I’ve every typed.)

Mah Boo threw a few cut eyes at his 360 staff and said that heads will roll for this, but you know he still puts Barney’s pube bush on his head and parades around his firehouse on a Sunday morning. Andy can’t fool me!

Click here to see the clip of Mah Boo giggling at his 9-year-old self in Phyllis Diller drag and below is a clip of him further explaining the purple puff on his head. No comment on Young Anderson Cooper saying that he’s no longer afraid of bears.

And when Mah Boo giggles, a platinum unicorn feels a twitch in its anus for the first time. So keep the giggling coming, Mah Boo!

via The Hollywood Reporter & Business Insider


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