The Photoshop Awards: Chelsea Handler’s Playboy Cover

October 29, 2009 / Posted by:

Chelsea Handler was lying face first on her bathroom shag rug in a vodka coma and missed her photo shoot for Playboy, so they had to paste her face on the half-nekkid body Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken. Yeah, you didn’t know PBSDK had it like that underneath his pastel paisley blazer? PBSDK has titties of fantastical wonder.

Anyiwouldtotallydochewy, Chelsea unveiled her Playboy cover on Leno last night and even made a joke about how every single Photoshop tool was used on her, “We need the guy that airbrushed me to come back.

Unfortunately, Chelsea kept her Pikachu and her Pokemons to herself. You’ll have to buy her at least half a drink (bottom shelf is okay) to see that!

VIA E! Online



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