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John Stamos Got Arrested For DUI

June 13, 2015 / Posted by:

Well, now we know what Uncle Jesse did with that beer he confiscated from DJ at the Spring Backwards Dance. No! Uncle Jesse would never! But apparently John Stamos would. TMZ says that America’s forever hot uncle was busted for DUI on Friday night in Beverly Hills, and apparently he was a damn wreck.

Police got a call around 7:45pm about a silver Mercedes swerving around the streets like the Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur. Once police caught up to John Stamos, he couldn’t even roll down his window and greet the cops with a “Have mercy!“; John was so fucked up, the police had to call paramedics to take his ass to the hospital. Nobody else was in the car with Uncle Jesse when got arrested. He has been charged with misdemeanor DUI. Somewhere in a fancy Manhattan penthouse, the Olsen Twins just let out a sinister cackle.

Of course, TMZ has video of John Stamos getting arrested last night, and this is what he looked like.

To be honest, he doesn’t actually look that bad. At one point during the video, it looks like he smells Kimmy Gibbler’s stanky feet and tries to drunkenly wave it away from his face, but that’s about it. Other than that, John Stamos looks pretty sexy. Looks like we can add “Getting arrested for DUI” to the already miles-long list of things John Stamos looks hot while doing. And once his mugshot is released, it’s probably safe to say we’ll be adding “Taking a mugshot” to that list as well.

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