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Taylor Hanson Is Going To Be A Father For The Seventh Time

September 16, 2020 / Posted by:

Watch out, world! There’s a virile young man on the scene who’s just announced his credentials for admittance to the hallowed annals of the Seven Spawn Club where he joins loin-based luminaries Flavor Flav and Clint Eastwood (who actually has 8 if you count the American Sniper baby). According to People, Taylor Hanson, 37, recently MMM’bopped a seventh zygote into his wife of 18 years, Natalie Hanson. Jude Law and Alec Baldwin are reported to be shaking in their pants over being lapped by this young upstart with decades of fertile rutting on the horizon. And he did it all with the assistance of a single uterus! What a Himshero! That’s what we’re calling a male Shero, right?

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