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“Game of Thrones” Cast Members Addressed Fan Backlash Over The Final Season

July 20, 2019 / Posted by:

Game of Thrones is over. That is, it’s over until the upcoming prequel series renders the offices of non-watchers completely annoying on Monday mornings once again. But the series ending doesn’t mean that the subset of GoT fans who despised the final season so much that they created a damn petition to have it redone have ceased frothing at the collective mouth. Some of the cast appeared at the GoT panel at fanperson mecca San Diego Comic-Con and addressed the backlash.

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Open Post: Hosted By Another “Game Of Thrones” Gaffe

May 13, 2019 / Posted by:

The producers of Game of Thrones are tired. They’ve been at this shit since 2011. Sure, we’ve only gotten 8 seasons in as many years (Tyra Banks is NOT impressed), but it’s a lot of hours of television to produce. We shouldn’t be surprised that they’re getting sloppy as they approach the finish line. When season 8, episode 4 (“The Last of The Starks“) aired last week, raven-eyed viewers spotted a Starbucks cup sitting on the table in front of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and the internet screamed CONTINUITY ERROR. Everybody knows the last Starbucks in Westeros (located next to the gift shop at the east corner of The Wall) burned down in season 7. HBO rushed to digitally erase it, but the damage was already done. People now know GOT isn’t a documentary as it was previously assumed to be. And there was another error related to last night’s penultimate episode.

*Spoilers for episode 5, “The Bells“, ahead.

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