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Lamar Odom Thinks That His Overdose Was Actually A Murder Attempt By The Owner Of The Bunny Ranch

May 29, 2019 / Posted by:

About three and a half years ago, Lamar Odom nearly waltzed with the Grim Reaper for a second time (the first was when he danced with Pimp Mama Kris at his wedding to Khloe Kartrashian), when he overdosed on the bad shit at The Love Ranch (aka The BunnyRanch Two) in Nevada. Up until now, we all thought that Lamar knowingly filled his body with all sorts of mind, soul, and organ-numbing stuff, which led to his almost appointment with death. But Lamar is now saying that he never took drugs that night and believes that brothel owner Dennis Hof, who died last year of a heart attack before his ghost won a state assembly seat in Nevada, tried to kill him by poisoning him. Lamar must’ve successfully completed Detective La Toya’s GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF EVERYTHING™ online course, because he’s confident he’s going to find the truth!

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The Kardashian Kurse Strikes Again: Another Landlord Is Trying To Evict Tyga

February 20, 2016 / Posted by:

As a child, I was obsessed with the idea of The Poltergeist Curse because it both scared me and drew me in. Hollywood! Horror! Death! Box-Office Success! It was terrifying thinking that just being part of movie about death and the spirit world would somehow invoke that dark side and bring its sinister magic to life through the deaths of cast and crew and rumours like real skeletons being used. Less interesting in an intangible way but similar none the less is what we can officially call The Kardashian Kurse. Anyone that sticks it in them seems to crash and burn. Kris Humphries? Dead. (Probably, right?) Ray J? No one cares and I won’t even get into what his sister did. Reggie Bush? No idea. Lamar Odom? MESS. Scott Disick? … Kanye West? MESS and, according to him, $53 million in debt. And now Tyga. He’s now on his third, THIRD, landlord suing him for backrent. THERE IS CLEARLY SOMETHING GOING ON HERE.

Tyga, legal name Michael Ray Stevenson, boyfriend of Kylie Jenner and rapper of raps, has, according to Page Six, gotten into trouble for the third time in two years with a landlord over money. He currently lives in a $4.8 million Hollywood Hills mansion that he rents for $17K a month but his landlord is yelling “GET OUT OF MY ROOM, MOM!” and has started legal proceedings to evict him. Back in August he was ordered to pay another landlord $70K in back rent and before that he’d been ordered to pay ANOTHER landlord $80K. Most people would say that he’s just reckless, careless and bad with money. But most people are stupid and don’t watch illuminating and insightful shows like Ancient Aliens. I’m telling you some dark side shit is going down with the Kardashians’ men. I’d bet good money that all of these houses he’s been living in have been built on top of Indian burial sites or silicon dumping grounds.

I think it’s too late for any of them to escape this because once you’re cursed, that’s it. But let it serve as a warning to all others out there – IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE, STAY AWAY FROM THE KARDASHIANS!


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