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Jermaine Jackson Is Getting Divorced

June 25, 2016 / Posted by:

Love may be wonderful, but easy it is not. Love takes time and effort and understanding. And sometimes, love is not enough. Sadly, today, we learn that love was not enough for yet another couple. Jermaine Jackson and Halima Rashid are getting divorced. Love may have been enough for her to embrace a California Raisin with Sharpie’d on hair, but it wasn’t enough to keep them together forever.

Halima spoke to People and said:

With a great amount of sorrow and regret, I today announce that I am filing for divorce from Jermaine Jackson. We have enjoyed many good times during our marriage of nearly 12 years, but we have reached a point where our lives would be better and more productive if we are not married. I respect and care for Jermaine and his legendary family, and feel blessed to have been a part of the Jacksons. At this time, I ask that our friends, family members and the media respect the difficulty of this decision and allow us privacy as we move on with our lives. Thank you very much.

Halima filed the papers for divorce and Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences. Halima, I feel you. I too have irreconcilable differences with hair that comes in a spray can and lead based paint used as makeup. In the papers, Halima states November 28, 2015 as the date of separation. The two do not have any children but Halima is requesting spousal support.

This spousal support smells likes it’s going to be ten layers of mess. Halima was arrested in December for domestic abuse after the two got into a fight. Allegedly, it was so bad she bit his leg. And Jermaine doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to paying exes. His ex-wife, Alejandra Jackson, had to go so far as to have his wages garnished to get the money he owed her for child support for Jermajesty (WHY?) and Jaafar (DOUBLE FUCKING WHY?). That’s despite the fact that he goes around buying Ferraris. Halima, my dear friend (no, I don’t know her), good luck with that. Even Detective LaToya would have a hell of a time finding money for Jermaine to pay you with.

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Jermaine Jackson May Have To Drive His New Ferrari To the Pokey

October 23, 2013 / Posted by:

Jermaine Jackson got some major side eye when he threw down over $160,000 for a Ferrari right before the courts stamped a big ass DENIED across the collective foreheads of the Jackson family and their lawsuit against AEG for the wrongful death of MJ. According to TMZ, papers have been filed by the The L.A. County Child Support Services Dept. asking for Jermaine to be held in contempt for non-payment of child support which could send his ass to jail for 20 days.

JJ has already paid back $80,000 in 2011, $33,000 earlier this year and has bestowed upon his children a whopping $85 on the $12,000 he still owes. Jermagesty (dear Lord, I can’t) and Jafaar’s mother Alejandra Jackson has gone as far as to have Jermaine’s wages garnished and I can’t blame her for even a second for being pissed that her ex-husband is tooling around town in a damn Ferrari while he owes her money. Hell, he could be driving the 1971 VW Beetle painted with red and black primer that had a massive exhaust leak and a “Save the Lesbians” sticker on the back that I had when I was young and broke as fuck and I STILL wouldn’t blame her.

If he needs some money, he can start by pawning some of that jewelry and listing that fanny pack on eBay with the hope his spirit animal in douchebaggery bids high.

(Pic via FameFlynet)

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