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Thanksgiving Eve Crumbs

November 26, 2014 / Posted by:

It’s a Thanksgiving gift from the British royals. A new royal Olan Mills portrait of Prince William, Duchess Kate and Baby Prince George in Australia has shown up on the Internet. Prince William, Duchess Kate and Baby Prince George tried it, but that photobombing champagne glass is obviously the star of this picture  – Lainey Gossip

Okay, but when are the two fake boobs named Tori and Dean going to be recalled? – Celebitchy

Who is this impostor and what has she done with Joanna Krupa, because the real Joanna Krupa would never wear that many clothes while around the paps she called – Egotastic!

Falkors Rimes says she never shamed her stepson, her words were taken out of context and shame on everyone for believing everything they read. No, Falkor, shame on you for accusing the highly ethical literary journal The Daily Mail of twisting your words. They would never! – Reality Tea

The Imitation Game doesn’t have a hot gay fuck scene between Matthew Goode and Bensonandhedges Caramelsnatch, and Matthew Goode likes it that way – Towleroad

Kendra Wilkinson isn’t the brightest dildo around, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she didn’t know being Hef’s girlfriend meant she had to bounce on his tequila worm dick – Egotastic!

Kendull Jenner looks like a Hitler Youth Janet from Three’s Company on the cover of Dazed Magazine Drunken Stepfather

This French Bulldog tripping on the beach in slow motion is a visual interpretation of what my brain goes through when I try to solve a math problem without a calculator – The Berry

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs makes zero sense to me, but it’ll make a whole lot of sense to me if he plays the role in a turtleneck and nothing else – IDLYITW

I bet this Wiener Dog’s trainer was Tonya HardingHollywood Tuna

The pattern on Rosario Dawson’s dress legitimately looks like the wallpaper from Home Depot my abuelita wanted to put up in my mom’s kitchen – Popoholic


Brace yourselves, Joel McHale is making Comment Trolls: The TV Show – Pajiba

This German Shepard slays the beat better than I do, but that’s not saying much – Popsugar

When Chelsea Handler met the Hammaconda (and I can’t believe she’s wearing a top!) – SOW

The shit that is covering Katy Perry’s outfit looks like some stuff Ursula the Sea Witch would squirt up – Just Jared


Evening Crumbs

September 3, 2013 / Posted by:

Kate Upton is on the cover of  Vanity Fair and she’s been named Model of the Year. Bitch only got that title after Phoebe Price turned it down – ICYDK

Tom Hardy’s haircut is giving me subtle shades of a Nazi haircut, but yes, I still would – Lainey Gossip

Either Courtney Stodden’s nipples made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother or she’s carrying two unripened honey dew melons in that towel – (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Kanye West pulled a JLoCelebitchy

These are all gym WINS if you ask me – The Berry

Olivia Wilde shows us the right way to wear a tuxedo – Hollywood Tuna

Alain Delon can shut all the way up, because everything is natural about getting picked up by a dude – Towleroad

Here’s the trailer for that movie where ScarJo plays a man-eating alien (and no, it’s not a John Travolta biopic) – OMG Blog

Chupa Zoe finally admits that she’s eating for one again – Reality Tea

And now Tim Tebow can finally focus on his true calling: gay porn – The Superficial

Three Styrofoam cups full of room-temperature tap water would be better American Idol judges than JLo, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.HuffPo

The producers of Neighbors really know that the best way to sell their movie is to show Zac Efron’s hairy nips as much as possible – Just Jared

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s maternity skirt is a work of fugness – Popoholic

Miley Cyrus, is that you? – IDLYITW

Three members of the Brangelina child army spent their Labor Day in Santa Barbara – Popsugar

What in the Hell kind of GD outfit is Emma Watson wearing? – Moe Jackson

Like Simon Cowell’s spawn is really going to be caught in anything that doesn’t have a deep V – SOW

So what PETA is trying to tell us is that The Situation’s mom only ate chicken wings while she was knocked up with him – Crunk + Disorderly

Let’s be honest, Melanie Griffith (or Don Johnson in a brown wig) should played Anastasia Steele – I’m Not Obsessed


Evening Crumbs

July 19, 2013 / Posted by:

Tragic is Nicki Minaj twerking her bought-and-paid for concrete ass in the pool by herself – Drunken Stepfather

Okay, Eva Longoria, we get it. You don’t want anybody to know that George Clooney wouldn’t dump Stacy Keibler for your ass.You win! – Lainey Gossip

Andy Dick drunkenly spit at a stranger, grabbed her tit and grabbed her husband’s dick. It happened a few days ago, but I’m sure it also happened yesterday, the day before and it’ll happen tonight and tomorrow night too – The Superficial

John Barrowman and a puppy. That is all. The End. – Towleroad

Megan Fox’s face is starting to look like something that was harvested from the same plastic field as Courteney Cox’s face – Hollywood Tuna

Grab an economy-sized jug of lube and a heeldo, because it’s Shirtless Friday! – The Berry

I’m taking this to mean that Taylor Swift’s got Matthew Gay Gubler locked in her guest room. Have you seen his face on a milk carton lately? – Celebitchy

Katherine Webb is still a thing and why is she wearing one of my sister’s old dance costumes as a dress? – IDLYITW

Denise Richards should probably get custody of Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen too since those two wrecks can’t take care of themselves – ICYDK

Where is Otto from Sons of Anarchy when you need him? – Popoholic

One of the hot pieces with 24-pack abs from Teen Wolf is getting married – Just Jared

I see Justin Timberlake’s using Ricky Martin’s stylist and hair handler – Popsugar

Amanda Bynes’ new L.A. pied-à-terre is gorgeous – OMG Blog

Parker Posey’s outfit is way too confusing for a Friday – I’m Not Obsessed

Bethenny Frankelstein somehow got a billionaire – Reality Tea

If you had X-ray eyes, you’d be able to see the panty pudding dripping down Abby Lee Miller’s leg – SOW

“The wallpaper emotes more than Ryan Gosling does in ‘Only God Forgives'” and other beautiful jewels from the Only God Forgives reviews – HuffPo


Evening Crumbs

June 28, 2013 / Posted by:

Mimi serves up some “barn baby of Elly May and the Cowardly Lion” glamour while performing during Macy’s Fourth of July Special – Lainey Gossip 

I would pull out my kidneys with my bare hands to hear the question and answer portion of the Miss Hooters International pageant – Hollywood Tuna

Kevin Fisher from Young and the Restless came out – Towleroad

Obviously, the Supreme Court knocked down DOMA just so Courtney Stodden would have a reason to shove her plastic iguana balls into a rainbow bikini – The Superficial

Scented erasers were my bath salts in the third grade – The Berry  

This picture makes sense since statues are usually the threesome partner of choice for trolls and giants – Drunken Stepfather

Everyone working on Natalie Portman’s new movie hates her  – Celebitchy

Since it’s summer, the Hilary Duff Walks To Her Cars In Leggings” series is on hiatus and has been replaced with the “Hilary Duff Walks To Her Car In Shorty Shorts” series – Popoholic

Nurse Kim Zolciak’s baby is probably going to be born with a smoker’s coo – Reality Tea

In case you didn’t already know, the Beliebers are the Manson Girls to Justin Bieber’s Charles Manson – IDLYITW

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always pictured Raven from Drag Race as President Alma Coin – Jezebel

And Adele will scrape her hand tattoo off with her teeth when she finds out that Lana Del Rey has the same tattoo – ICYDK

More like, Pacific Rim ME – WOW Report

Mathew Morrison is going to be somebody’s husband – Just Jared

Strangely enough, this is also what it looks like when you give Prince Hot Ginge a beej – SOW


File this under: The 198,736th company to drop Paula DeenPopsugar

File this under: The 198,737th company and 198,738th company to drop Paula Deen I’m Not Obsessed


Evening Crumbs

June 21, 2013 / Posted by:

FOR THE LOVE OF BROWS!!! Can’t Shia LaDouche cut a couple of locks of pubes off his crotch and paste them on his girlfriend’s face?! – Just Jared

Nothing like a blonde-on-blonde catfight over Prince Hot Ginge at a fancy British wedding – Lainey Gossip

How rude, the Disney Channel is totally forgetting that Kevin Jonas played himself on one of their shows – Towleroad

Terry Richardson and Kate Moss came together and her top stayed on the entire time. Mark this day… – Drunken Stepfather

Elisabetta Canalis is still here – Hollywood Tuna

While the plastic surgeon was removing Amanda Bynes’ tit implants, couldn’t he have done the whole world a favor by removing and burning her gutter ass wig too? – The Superficial

Emmy Rossum looking like an unpaid extra in Miley Cyrus’ last video – Popoholic

Grab the lube or the Crisco or butter or Vaseline or spit or whatever, because it’s Shirtless Friday – The Berry

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn might be doing it for real – Celebitchy

I hope The Woz slapped both Kim and Kanye after finding out that they named their kid North WestHuffPo


A hot piece from my mom’s homeland (I’ll ignore that tattoo, though) – (NSFW) OMG Blog

Justin Bieber’s been hitting his baby bottle bong again – IDLYITW

What in community college art class watercolor hell is Katie Holmes wearing? – Moe Jackson

Brad Pitt takes Zahara and Shiloh to Russia – Popsugar

Bethenney Frankelstein and Jason Hoppy’s fake divorce war goes on – I’m Not Obsessed

Teen Mom Jenelle probably traded her baby in for that house – Reality Tea

Pic: FameFlynet


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