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Jason Derulo Took Credit For Transforming TikTok Into “The App That It Is Today”

December 29, 2022 / Posted by:

There is no denying that Jason Derulo is to be congratulated, feted, honored, and celebrated for the many contributions he’s made to the culture. For starters, Jason holds the world record for The Most Times Somebody Has Shouted, “Jason Derulo!” Tangentially related, he also holds the world record for Most Likely To Throw Fists When Somebody Has Shouted “Usher! And let’s not forget that Jason has single-handedly, or, more accurately, two left-footedly, kept the Met Gala relevant all these many years with his annual tumble down the stairs. Even without a penis, Jason managed to make Cats the most erotic film ever to receive a PG-13 rating. But what is perhaps Jason’s most significant contribution to the culture has heretofore gone unsung. However, according to Jason, he is to be singularly credited for saving TikTok from being relegated to a mere “dance app,” and transforming it into “the app that it is today” by “posting things that was more fun.” Remember when the kids stopped flossing and started licking toilet seats instead? Yep, that was made possible by the one and only — Usher JASON DERULO! Bow down.

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