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Chris Pratt Will Be Voicing “Garfield” In A New Animated Movie

November 2, 2021 / Posted by:

I loved Garfield so much as a dumb kid that I had a Garfield cake for my 10th birthday and the black icing stained my teeth for a week. So imagine my horror upon learning that noted non-fat actor Chris Pratt has just been cast as Garfield in a new animated movie. After being on the receiving end of a wide variety of athletic hand gestures from the Italianx community when it was announced that he would also be voicing Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Brothers movie, you would think that Chris would tread a little more cautiously when it comes to representing historically underrepresented groups. And fat lazy cats deserve better. Bustopher Jones anyone? Pratt’s casting as Garfield is the equivalent to an animated fat suit and I thought we weren’t doing those anymore!

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