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“Batgirl” Has Been Completely Shelved By Warner Bros. And Will Instead Become A Tax Deduction

August 3, 2022 / Posted by:

The Batgirl film from Warner Bros.–starring Leslie Grace of In The Heights and directed by Bad Boys For Life directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah–may not ever see the light of day. Even though Warner Bros. reportedly spent at least $90 million on Batgirl and it was finished filming, it has been shelved indefinitely and sources are suggesting it could be because test audiences thought it was shit and the studio decided that using it as a tax-write off would be a smarter money move than releasing it.

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Warner Bros. Might Be Trying To Get Kristen Stewart As “Batgirl”

July 26, 2018 / Posted by:

Over a year ago, it was announced that Joss Whedon would be making a Batgirl film for Warner Bros. and DC. Warner Bros. and DC have so many superhero films currently in the works, so none of their Batgirl decisions are anywhere close to being final. But according to GeekTyrant, they’ve settled on what they want their Batgirl to look like. They want Kristen Stewart. Congratulations, Ben Affleck – you’re potentially about to be downgraded to the second-most mumbly, unenthusiastic actor to slip on some rubber bat ears.

GeekTyrant picked up the scoop come from a Twitter user named Daniel R. That definitely sounds like a forecast of 90% chance of lies, but GeekTyrant can vouch for them. According to Daniel R, Warner Bros. wants an actress like Kristen Stewart.

Birds of Prey is the upcoming Harley Quinn & Friends movie. Of course, this is not to say Warner Bros. has sent a script and a contract over to KStew’s house with a delivery guy in a bat cape singing the 1960s Batman theme song. They just want a “Kristen Stewart prototype,” whatever that means. I’m taking it to mean that Warner Bros. really wants a moody Barbara Gordon who shrugs “Ugh, whatever” and rolls her eyes every time she sees the bat-signal go off in the sky. Although the word “prototype” is throwing me off. Are they implying that they’re currently building a robot that resembles Kristen Stewart? They might as well! It’s probably cheaper than hiring the real thing, and you won’t ever hear the robot complain that the costume isn’t Chanel.



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