Naomi Watts Might Be Rebounding With Claire Danes’ Sloppy Seconds

July 18, 2017 / Posted by:

Naomi Watts really did a number on me last year when it came out that (despite Liev Schrieber’s versatility in bouncing from a Shakespearean role to playing Cotton Weary in Scream) Liev would NOT maintain his 11-year part in pleasing Naomi’s Aussie cooch. The duo split, and garbled out the typical “We have huge love and respect for one another and high hopes for it to remain that way going forward” ca-ca. That is the usual prerequisite in Hollywood, before one of them fucks a member of the hired help and then has to buy them a Prius as hush money.

Well, it seems Naomi’s role as a horny therapist in Gypsy is sending tingles to her lady bits, as Page Six reports. Supposedly, she’s bumping Down Unders with her TV-husband (and MasterCard “Priceless” guy!) Billy Crudup.

A witness blabbed:

“Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup walked in holding hands. We didn’t know they were a couple. Pretty cool seeing two big stars so into each other.”

Witness, you must be from the boonies (so am I!). Because BIG stars leave a “We @re $o iNtO eAcH oThERRrrrR” away message on their AIM, when they have something to promote… (No, they don’t.)

Naomi told Vogue Australia (via People) in May she was spending more time with BFF Nicole Kidman, and even opened up about the split with Liev:

“There are good days and bad days and Liev and I are on great terms and we’re trying to do our absolute best for the sake of the children and we hope to keep moving forward in that way.”

Maybe seeing Nicole dressing like Daisy Duke at the beach all the time spawned the bad days, so she tried to maximize the good, probably after thinking, “If the dick was good enough for Claire Danes to wreck a home over, it’s good enough for me!


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135 responses to “Naomi Watts Might Be Rebounding With Claire Danes’ Sloppy Seconds”

  1. ZombieDjibuddha says:

    After all those years with Liev’s (allegedly?) wandering peen… you need to love yourself, Ms. Watts.

  2. Dirk's VT, PhD says:

    Two single people perhaps dating and maybe even doing more than that?! Dear God, the shock and scandal!
    She needs to find a better kind of man. Crudup proved he was shit years ago. Why another cheater?

  3. Dwakadoodle says:

    Hollywood is one big circle-jerk, everybody fucking each other’s spouses. For a bunch of creative people, they sure don’t move out of their comfort zone.

  4. Nicholas says:

    No!!! What about Dougie?

  5. Strepsi says:

    1) C.J. your combo of Headline + Photo choice = LOL

    2) I saw Naomi Watts and Liev Schrieber on a family outing with their kids in NYC, they seem to take the coparenting thing seriously. I like her.

  6. Dirk Diggler-Kojak says:

    That Crudup dude played the commander in Covenant, right? I think he’s an upgrade vs. Shreiber.

  7. Kiki_Zinnias says: I watched Gypsy and knew those two were bumping naughty bits. He tends to find love on the set….and allegedly dumped a pregnant Mary Louise Parker for Claire back in the day. Douche move. I like to think his career punishment was playing the blue naked guy in Watchmen and not getting noticed for it.

  8. BonnietheShihTzu says:

    I love Naomi and can’t stand Billy. Can she get the Hugh Dancy upgrade, please?

  9. ReverseUniverse-(FKA R.Albino) says:

    I confused watched Gypsy. Overall- Billy needs to keep the hair long and wavy.

    • Dr. C says:

      I watched it too. I sort of hated it though… and Jean’s borderline personality disorder was just awful. She was portraying a very sick person. How come nobody in the show called her out for what she is, or is that for the next season?

      • ReverseUniverse-(FKA R.Albino) says:

        Next season. Her previous patient is out and will be Jean’s downfall.

        • Dr. C says:

          For God’s sake, let’s hope so. My experience with borderlines is that they normally create their own downfall.

  10. Mayo says:

    Naomi really has a shitty taste in men, first it was Liev, who’s a known serial cheater and now this guy, who’s not only a serial cheater but a douchebag that left his pregnant girlfriend for the plain bag of bones that is Claire Danes, and what’s worse is that he acted so unapologetic about it! Fucking dickhead, Naomi should really do some soul-searching or something, maybe that way she’ll get rid of her taste for douchy assholes.

    • Dr. C says:

      “but I love him and it will be different for me”…as she continually lives in fear and anxiety that he will indeed cheat on her.

    • Tainted says:

      Naomi needs to watch this video.

    • Puggygirl_ says:

      There was an interview where Claire Danes was very unapologetic about it too (I realise she wasn’t the one committed to anyone but still..) it sounded shitty. It was only a few years ago too. Fuck her and him.

      • Catty911 says:

        I remember that interview – made me hate her more – no remorse, no regret – cold!

      • Upside-down Flower says:

        She had to know he was in a relationship and his gf was pregnant.

        She doesn’t seem like the type who cares.

  11. Dreis says:

    Sadly, that’s the only role Billy is ever known for.

  12. Radi8grl says:

    Oh how I love Ray Donovan.

  13. Ana Bolena says:

    Naomi can do so much better than that cheating ass.

    • Dr. C says:

      Agreed. She must just feel comfortable living on the edge of being abandoned all of the time.

      • Upside-down Flower says:

        Some people go for a certain type and enjoy a certain comfort level in relationships.

  14. Générique says:

    i so would Liev. *runs away in shame*

  15. Tilly says:

    Crudup is kind of a bummer of a last name:


    ….show myself out now

  16. Trendy Wendy says:

    Mary Louise Parker sloppy 2nds too.

  17. Furpig says:

    I see three things wrong with this.
    1. It’s your co-worker.
    2. It’s Billy Crudup.
    3. See #2.

    • Michelletmiller says:

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  18. Caza86 says:

    Claire Danes is gross so is anyone that stuck it in her, Naomi you can do way better!

  19. Shannon says:

    Hollywood is cess pool of recycled ass. Whatevs

    • Caza86 says:

      She needs some billionaire ass.

      • Shannon says:

        What about Brad?? Not billionaire ass but hot and rich. Shame about the crazy ex and 6 demons seeds. That poor bastard is gonna be single for the rest of his life.

        • Caza86 says:

          Brad made his bed when he laid down with Angie McCoke Demon Eater, used goods my dear.

        • Ariana-Kaelita says:

          Brad needs to find a strong woman who can fight off Angie Ho and the 6 brats! God knows that brood is fucked.

          • Upside-down Flower says:

            People seem to forget that Brad has SIX KIDS!. HE’S NOT EXACTLY SINGLE! HE COMES WITH BAGGAGE (do nothing brats!) THAT ANGIE SCREWS UP EVERYDAY!! I wouldn’t trust being in the house when those kids are around.

            Not many women would want to be attached to a man with illiterat spoiled odd friendless rich kids whose only talents and skills seem very very limited. They are keeping the toy stores and art stores in business though.

          • Ariana-Kaelita says:

            He has a pretty awful baggage I agree. A crazy soon-to-be ex wife and a gaggle of 6 spoiled brats who won’t accomplish anything in life.
            He put this on himself though Angie ‘s reputation was well known by everyone and having 6 kids in 3 years with her was a epic mistake on his part.

          • jennyjustice says:

            Oh my. Never thougth of that. I get a shifty vibe from Shiloh particularly. If she brought me a glass of lemonade and acted super friendly, I wouldn’t drink it.

      • NaughtyChimp says:

        She never married.

  20. TonicB says:

    Why do Hollywood people date the same crusty people over and over? If I were a celeb I’d find myself a hot sound guy or something.

    • Leona Lopez says:

      Because they’re all infected with the same STDs.

    • jennyjustice says:

      Because they are seriously stupid. They hook up with who they’re working with b/c they fall in love with their hook-up’s character and think that’s who they’re getting. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they have kids together, get married, move in and rearrange their entire life for somebody they don’t really even know. That’s something I would think they would recognize once they’ve matured and are in their 30’s but they don’t.

  21. skabazzle says:

    Just rebound with him, don’t make him into your next long term man. And – remember to wrap it up, he likes to find strange while he’s supposed to be committed to someone.

  22. ThanksLove says:

    Yeah, I stopped liking him after he left Mary Louise Parker while she was pregnant w/ his child. IIRC, they were together for like 7 years. I have a hard time believing MLP did something that warranted that level of callousness or that Clare Danes’ cooch has that much of a pull. I’m giving CD .0001% leeway because she was probably just being young and dumb. Billy is definitely the asshole in the mix. Naomi deserves better than an asshole.

    Naomi, girl, DO better, BE better.

    • ??ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe?? says:

      MLP has always given me serious psycho vibes.

      • Dirk's VT, PhD says:

        Could be, but he still was a shithead to her. They decide to have a kid, she’s very pregnant, and he runs off with another woman. Nothing right about him.

        • ??ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe?? says:

          I’m not excusing his behavior at all, just saying that is the vibe I’ve always gotten from her. My mom worked with and she said was a nightmare to work with.

          • Upside-down Flower says:

            I bet most actors are. Especially the ones that are coined “America’s Sweethearts” (Julia Snoberts, I’m glaring at you!).

        • jennyjustice says:

          But did he agree to get pregnant? I’ve wondered about that. Or were they already having problems or she sensed him retreating and attempted the band-aid baby thing?

          He’s a douche and Claire is all about Claire and her ego. I have heard MLP is a bit unhinged.

        • mishmash says:

          Didn’t he dump a pregnant Jennifer Connelly too? Or was it after the baby was born?

      • ThanksLove says:

        Possibly, but is she get dumped after 7 years for Claire Danes while you’re 8 months pregnant kind of psycho?

        • ??ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe?? says:

          I’m not speaking about while she’s pregnant nor did she deserve him leaving and immediately shacking up with someine else. The guy was/is an asshole. I’m speaking in general terms, her personality as a whole.

          • ThanksLove says:

            That’s understandable. The previous comment an attempt at a joke.
            Most actor types come off as weird to me, so I really don’t notice any “personality” vibes

      • wikipediabrown says:

        those are the rumours. i won’t say more.

    • Ariana-Kaelita says:

      Clare Danes was in her mid-20s. She should have known better.

      • ThanksLove says:

        Of course she should know better. Mid-twenties is still kind of young. She isn’t first 24 year old woman to get her head turned by a good looking older guy, she won’t be the last.

    • jennyjustice says:

      Claire was grown-ass woman who knew he had the hots for her bod while his wife was big pregnant. She’s just as shitty as he is. She knew exactly what she was doing. No pass for her.

      • ThenTheLordMadeYolettie says:

        I find that some people don’t fully understand/”get it” until it happens to them and they live it. They’re still being shit bags but they don’t empathize or care until it happens to them. If that makes sense…..

  23. ??ℱїḓḓℓεÐεεÐεe?? says:

    I’m all kinds of meh when it comes to Naomi but I’m pleasantly surprised I can see lines and wrinkles in above expression.

  24. FrenchGirl says:

    Apparently many here think that Billy Crudup had to act like Ben Affleck but he chose to be honest and yes,he dropped the mother of his child during her pregnancy

  25. Queen Frostine's Original Face says:

    The fact that I have to hate the Mastercard guy now for being a cheating pig saddens me greatly.

  26. Ariana-Kaelita says:

    Billy Crudup?
    Didn’t he dumped his long-time gf while she was pregnant for Clare Danes?
    The dude sounds like a jackass. Naomi ought to be careful.

  27. thetruthhurts8922 says:

    WTF?! Clare Danes and Crudup broke up ELEVEN YEARS AGO……bitch has a kid with Hugh Dancy even….this is a stupid angle.

  28. Che's Hot Rod (Ben) says:

    Crudup is a king amongst turds but he’s a great actor, IMHO. Big Fish is a favourite I enjoy watching with my kids. Always good for a few cry tissues. His portrayal of a complete loser in Jesus’ Son was also well done.

  29. CC says:

    yuck. naomi can do so much better. he’ll never live that down- leaving mlp while she was six months pregnant for claire danes. just sleazy.

  30. GothyMcGotha says:

    No! Run Naomi! You’re beautiful and talented but you keep going for cheating douchebags. Why? Who hurt you as a child?

  31. dbasedNYC says:

    Naomi – learn to love yourself – seriously!!!

    • LittlestRoman says:

      My thoughts exactly. Know thyself, Naomi! Some folks have really shitty partner-radar. I should know, I’m one of them!

  32. hurtssogouda says:

    Naomi girl, you need to love yourself. You can do better than Billy Crudup. She’s killing it in Twin Peaks

  33. Catty911 says:

    Used to love Billy until he dumped MLP for Danes – great actor but such a douchey thing to do to the woman carrying your child! Can’t forgive that.

  34. Mumbles says:

    Australians felt pretty miffed when she came out and very clearly stated that she was British and NOT Australian….. We felt a wee bit rejected.

  35. raincoaster says:

    If Liev is reading this, I’m available. Just sayin’.

  36. Original Putas says:

    Love her. Hope the new guy is making her happy.

  37. Zorba says:

    I like her. But she has a type: cheaters.

  38. Lislop says:

    Billy Crudup is not one to trust. To leave his wife barefoot and preganant for another women takes a certain selfish, asshole. I’m glad he’s not aging well. He used to be very cute.

  39. Acca Dacca says:

    Not a nice photo of my beloved Aussie/Brit Icon. Met her, love her, I’ll be your younger toy boy Naomi. Fuck big eared Billy Crud and “dog cheeks” schreiber.

  40. Minty says:

    Naomi is amazing on Twin Peaks. And looks great. Have fun with him, then dump him like he deserves.

  41. Minty says:

    Naomi is amazing on Twin Peaks. And looks great. Have fun with him, then dump him like he deserves.

  42. Michelletmiller says:

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  43. Seraphim says:

    I’ve been watching Gypsy and I completely forgot who Billy Crudup was. I’m only a few episodes in but he plays a high powered lawyer who is *starting* to eye up his secretary. When I Googled him I got the refresh of how he bailed on a 7 months pregnant Mary Louise Parker and I’m SHOCKED he would even have the balls to take this role. There’s a special sort of ego and vanity in Billy and Claire Daines to ruin a marriage, a family, and not be sorry for it. I really can’t look past that when seeing their work – especially when they show NO remorse.

  44. D'Fwan says:

    Isn’t he still with Danes?

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