Will “French Kisses” Jaden On Thai TV

June 12, 2013 / Posted by:

When I first read the headline “Will Smith ‘French Kisses’ 14-Year-Old Son Jaden On Thai TV” on Zap2It, I pictured Jeremy Irons tongue turning green with pure jealousy while watching The Fresh Prince of Scientology make mouth love to his son. But it isn’t really like that. At around the 4:45 mark, Will Smith kisses an open-mouthed Jaden Smith while the host Woody Milintachinda laughs the silver paint off of his hair. It doesn’t really look like a kiss, though. It looks more like he’s bird feeding his son Alicia Silverstone-style

Besides, isn’t this how ALL Scientologists greet each other? Well, except for John Travolta and Tommy Girl. They greet each other by kissing anus-to-anus. Sometimes with tongue…



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