Open Post: Hosted By Mr. Clean UP

June 14, 2012 / Posted by:

This is Ihor Stetkewycz (Side note: I love the name E-Whore), a citizen from Mars who loves dumping for guyz (GUYZ ONLY!!!), doesn’t take no orders from no wimmuns, and again, doesn’t take no orders from no wimmuns. If you’re a woman and want Mr. Clean UP to tell you to shut the hell up, just give him an order and you’ll get your wish.

Mr. Clean UP got into a little trouble the other day for illegally dumping chunks of wood on Detroit’s East Side. But Mr. Clean UP told the local news that he’s going to clean it UP. Because when he’s not dumping and not taking orders from no woman, he’s cleaning UP. That’s just what he does.

But what I want to know is, does Mr. Clean UP love dumping for guyz more than he loves not taking orders from no woman? I need to know this, because I need to know whether to call him a scat queen or the real inspiration for Christian Grey.

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