Open Post: Hosted By A Hamster Eating A Carrot

January 14, 2009 / Posted by:

I am all kinds of wrong for the thoughts that passed through my head while watching this sweet innocent hamster swallow a tiny carrot in a matter of seconds. I am not right in the head. The church was right. Just for that I’ll be forced to join the glory hole clean-up crew in Hell.

It’s that time of day where you can converse freely about whatever while others silently judge you. You can talk about how this hamster eating a carrot looks just like my dream from a couple of nights ago where my unwaxed no-no swallowed Carrot Top’s stick. WHY?! Why does the devil make me write such garbage? Anyway, I’m gonna go dip my head in bleach (I do that anyway because of the crabs) while you rant amongst yourselves.

VIA Buzzfeed



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