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Jeffree Star Responded To Tati Westbrook’s Video About Him And Brought Up Racial Injustice

July 20, 2020 / Posted by:

Beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook‘s tearful forty-minute apology video gave us some great memes and also called out fellow beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star. If you aren’t caught up (because you have an actual life), 38-year-old Tati turned on her onetime BFF, 21-year-old James Charles, last year in a video where she accused him of all sorts of things including being a sexual predator. Last month, Tati released another video where she apologized for her role in the James Charles “takedown” and accused 34-year-old Jeffree Star and another YouTuber, 32-year-old Shane Dawson, of manipulating her and using her to destroy James. After Tati’s video came out, YouTube suspended monetization on Shane’s channels over past racist videos, and Jeffree got dropped by makeup retailer Morphe.

Well, Jeffree can break his silence too, and he did it in a video titled: “Doing What’s Right.” And Jeffree thought it would be a good idea to say that instead of focusing on beauty YouTube drama, people need to focus on much more important things like the killings of Black people by the hands of people. So yeah, Jeffree’s 10-minute long video really could’ve just been a 30-second video where he told everyone to focus on more important things and announced he was donating millions to the Black Lives Matter movement. But instead, Jeffree got into the beauty YouTube drama and did it on a hideous velvet skid mark of a couch.

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