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People Are Confused As To Why A Kiss Between Jonah Hill And Lauren London In “You People” Was CGI’ed

February 7, 2023 / Posted by:

Say what you will about nepotism babies having an unfair advantage in Hollywood. But the sad truth is that they actually have to work twice as hard and be 100% more committed to their craft than their common, low-born peers if they hope to be taken seriously as an actor. They simply cannot afford to half-ass anything, even if they can afford everything else. And I can’t think of another actor who has overcome as much adversity as son-of-insiders Jonah Hill. No, not even his sister Beanie Feldstein! Over the past decade, Jonah’s gone from having to debase himself on Saturday Night Live by sloppily French kissing Andy Samberg’s dad, to being able to harness the power of CGI to kiss his costar Lauren London in the Netflix movie You People, having survived instigating feuds with Don Lemon and Mr. Shue from Glee and a grueling apology tour for shouting homophobic slurs at the paparazzi along the way. Show me a low-born who matches Jonah in tenacity against the odds. I’ll wait.

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