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Ethan Suplee Is Jacked Now

January 13, 2020 / Posted by:

Jason Lee’s ex-SFL (sidekick for life/until one becomes an SP) Ethan Suplee has a new podcast out called American Glutton which, according to Cinemablend, is all about his lifelong struggle with his weight. Apparently, Ethan’s gone from Mallrat to Gym Rat. He’s ripped now, and says “he’s lost and gained at least 1,000 pounds over the course of his life,” which sounds exhausting. This is why I just stay fat. And as if to prove my superior life choices, Ethan says that when he was at his thinnest, he was miserable. And this is coming from a Scientologist! Imagine the torture of biking “100 miles a day, six days a week” if you didn’t have whatever worse torture that goes on in the Sea Org for comparison.

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