Blind Items: I Guess, You Guess

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This B list mostly television actor who always talks about his family values and doesn’t take roles that compromise his values was at a strip club in Tijuana this weekend. I wonder what his wife thinks about that. (CDAN)

I don’t think the tip of Kirk Cameron’s fingers have even come close to touching the bottom of the B-list, but if there’s a God and that God is annoyed by Kirk Cameron’s sanctimonious shit as much as we are, this blind item is about him. And please let our eyes be gifted with a picture of the most annoying Cameron (which is saying a lot, see: Candace Cameron and Cameron Diaz) sitting all by his lonesome in the middle of a Tijuana strip club with nothing but a Subway sandwich on his lap. But you know, he probably wasn’t at a Tijuana strip club. He was at a Tijuana donkey show. Kirk was only there because he thought a “Tijuana donkey show” is a show where they recreate birth of Baby Jesus in the manger.

While hanging out with his baby mama and his harem, this A list everything guy managed to find time to have sex with a pap. Our A lister said he just wanted to do his part for good relations. (CDAN)

Simon Cowell? And I’m guessing the pap did it, because after years of taking pictures of the furry mincemeat pies on his chest, she could no longer resist the urge to drown her face in them.

This Actress wants you to think that she is down to earth, but she is not.

She was at JFK International Airport, waiting for an flight from New York to London, when she had a meltdown over the boarding procedure. She was at the front of the line, but the airline was boarding people with special needs and people with small children first.

Our Actress began yelling at the ticket attendant. This isn’t an exact quote, but pretty close: “But you should have let ME board first! I’m in first class! I need to be let on the airplane first! I can’t board with the rest of these people! It’s too chaotic with small children and people in wheelchairs! I have a first class ticket! Do you understand what that means? That means that I get everything FIRST! I eat first, I drink first, and I board first! That’s what first class means!” (Blind Gossip)

Goopy Paltrow doesn’t want you to think she walks the same earth as you, so I’ll go with America’s Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence?

This male celebrity screwed up and his celebrity wife kicked him to the curb. He has made public statements about wanting her back and claims that he is doing everything possible to be a good and faithful husband.

Ha! Not even close!

Cheater has a secret girlfriend! Let’s talk about her.

She is a college student, which makes her a lot younger than Cheater. Tall girl with long, blonde hair. College Girl is attending school in the United States but is originally from another country. She is not famous.

The couple was set up by a mutual Friend. He has the same profession as Cheater, but is not quite as famous as him. Friend is from the same country as College Girl.

Cheater and College Girl have been quietly and carefully dating for several months now. He is rich, so he flies her out to stay with him wherever he goes.

So the next time you hear Cheater talking so sincerely about how hard he is working to get his wife back… know that he is shedding those crocodile tears right before hopping back into bed with his girlfriend, College Girl! (Blind Gossip)

Robin Thicke. Period. The end. Goodnight.

I was doing some research on a film from back in the day that has come up a few times in the past week. It has come up because the star of the film has some other projects she is plugging now and a lot of the old stories about the movie are resurfacing. There will be a blind about that movie next week. while doing the research though, I saw one of my favorites in the cast list and clicked on her name to see what she is up to now. When I clicked, I had to blink a couple of times because I thought to myself that couldn’t be right. She would never do that. It turns out she would. She is an actress who has literally been around forever, but never looks old. She is considered a mostly television actress and had a nice long run on a hit cable television show that ended not that long ago. She is known though for something much more important in history. I consider her to be the first “it girl.” The first time that term may have been used. That is a big honor. Anyway, she has a secret that she only shared with a few people who got drunk with her back in the day in the club that will never be duplicated. She says she had sex with one of the most infamous people in history. She had so many details that no one left an encounter with her doubting her story. As far as I know she has not mentioned it to anyone in decades and my source from that club who was there every night and is still friends with her today says she never mentions it. She is afraid of the damage it might cause her career now. So, that is what makes what she is doing now, so damn interesting.(CDAN)

The club is obviously Studio 54, but when I Google “the first it girl” I get Clara Bow and unless Clara Bow is a vampire and has been around this entire time, this isn’t about her. I’ve got nothing and usually when I’ve got nothing, I guess Betty White. So I’ll go with Betty White and John Gotti? Solved it!

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