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TGIF: Here’s A Bumblebee High-Fiving A Happy Drunk

July 19, 2013 / Posted by:

Since it’s Friday, there’s not much going on and we’re all huddled around Duchess Kate’s vagine royale waiting for an actual jeweled crown to pop out as Prince Hot Ginge does vodka shots off of our ass cheeks (I wish), here’s a quick video to pass 40 seconds of your time. A heatwave has hit Britain (I think it’s like 89 there, which is UGHs and Burberry scarf weather here) and there’s only three things to do during a heatwave: get drunk, bro out with bumblebees and fuck. The happy drunk in this video did two out of three. I don’t know if that bumblebee is high-fiving that happy drunk or saying “don’t squash me, bro” by raising its leg. ¬†Whatever the case may bee, Pixar is totally going to make a 90-minute feature film starring the high-fiving bee and it’s going to make at least seventy five hundred trillion dollars domestically at the box office.

That bumblebee is lucky it came across a bunch of happy drunks in Britain instead of my abuelita. My abuelita used to catch bees mid-air and sting her legs with them, because she said it helped her arthritis. I CAN’T. Abuelitas aren’t just masters at wielding the chancleta, but they’re also bee-catching ninjas. If bees go extinct, blame all the abuelitas.

Source: Gawker via Buzzzzzzzfeed

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