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Tan Mom Is Back!!!

December 8, 2018 / Posted by:

Raise your hand if you agree with the looks on the faces of the dude and his drag queen friend behind her. Infamous early aughts scorched jerky mess Tan Mom (aka¬†Patricia Krentcil) has returned from whatever dangerously overpowered tanning bed in which she had secreted herself. She’s here to wow us with her signature style once more! She’s got a new persona (“Patricia Marie”), a new wig, and a new autotune confection (“Free 2 Be Me”). Unfortunately for Patricia, she’s retained the same unsteadiness about her which can only be permanent sunstroke, and the same horrible enabler, “producer” Adam Barta. Let’s get into “Patricia Marie” and her new anthem for the overly pan-fried in the face and body.

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