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Gretchen Mol Shut Down That Rumor About Her And Harvey Weinstein 

October 11, 2017 / Posted by:

Back in the olden days of gossip when we had Nicole Richie instead of Sofia Richie and Courtenay Semel instead of Hailey Baldwin, there were blind items about an actress who was living a Lana Del Rey song by fucking for roles. Several blind item sites wrote about it.  But the 2009 blind item that Lainey at Lainey Gossip wrote about that rumor has been pulled out of the archives, dusted off and is making the rounds again because of the Harvey Weinstein grossness.

Back then, Lainey wrote about a married “major player” and the starlet who had sex with him for roles. The starlet’s career had dried up a little so she went back to the “major player,” but he was done with her and had moved on to a blonde TV actress with a “perky rack” who was trying to make a break into movies. On Monday, Vox interviewed Lainey about the Harvey situation, and her blind item was brought up. Lainey said that she’s never confirmed or denied who that blind item is about and she’s not planning to change that. But well, anybody with a PhD in blind items (hell, anybody with 2 blind item credits from a community college) knows it was probably about Gretchen Mol, Harvey Weinstein and Blake Lively. But Gretchen Mol has stood up to shit on that rumor and more.

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