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Keke Palmer Kept It Real With The National Guard At The Hollywood Black Lives Matter March

June 3, 2020 / Posted by:

Well, I finally dragged my ass out of my sobbing shower yesterday, my throat raw from the bile of my rage, and took it out on a lady I used to work with who was clutching her pearls because somebody broke a window at her favorite thrift store during the protests last night. I went to bed thinking I had solved racism, so imagine my surprise this morning to see that we are still fucked. While my efforts were feeble, America’s sweetheart Keke Palmer was out in the streets of L.A. touching hearts and minds by having a clear-eyed, impassioned dialog with a couple of extras from Black Hawk Down. Deadline reports that they were National Guard, but this is L.A. so they’re probably moonlighters who get a little per diem if they bring their own costume. I kid though, because what Keke did, lobbing logic and reason at uniformed men with guns, was phenomenally brave.

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