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Robin Wright Might Have Secretly Married Clement Giraudet

March 11, 2018 / Posted by:

May/December romance activist Robin Wright’s current boyfriend Clement Giraudet might actually be her current husband. Page Six and People have pointed out that Robin, 51, and Clement (age not known) were photographed at a Paris soccer match this week wearing matching gold bands. It should be pointed out that both of those rings were being worn on the correct fingers to indicate that you’ve cemented yourself to the other person for life.

They’ve reportedly been dating since September of last year. They were probably together earlier than that but she probably kept it quiet because she didn’t want her former co-star finding out and inviting her new man to visit the House of Cards set for a private nude tour.

Robin is living the life that Oprah is always urging us to – her best one. She fought for the same pay as her male co-star Kevin Spacey and won. She became the show’s sole lead when Spacey was fired after being outed as a skeezy skeeze who allegedly tried to get on several dicks without consent. Robin might actually be her Claire Underwood character! She’s straight glamour and has full permission to tell me she’d let my baby wither and die inside me at any time. Hell, she could do me to death in front of the fireplace and mock my dumb, dead wife if she wished!

Clement is an exec with Saint Laurent so Robin’s getting that discount. Plus she’s got an ambitious, classy Frenchman to perhaps school her son Hopper on how not to be an N-bomb-spewing little dickface like his pops.

Pic: Backgrid

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